AmCham Research – “Enhancing US FDI in Bangladesh: Opportunities and Strategies”


A Focused Group Discussion will be held online about the initiative.

We, in partnership with Policy Exchange of Bangladesh have embarked upon an initiative to identify opportunity to enhance US engagement with Bangladesh, as well as strategies and priorities for US and Bangladesh stakeholders to maximize the potential in this regard.

An investment requirement of US$ 608 billion for infrastructure of Bangladesh is estimated by Global Infrastructure Outlook till 2040, which translates into US$ 24.3 billion annually. Annual infrastructure investment needs to be 10% of GDP; however, it is less than 2% currently. Hence there is a significant financing gap, and the government encourages the private sector to come in. National strategies of Bangladesh including PPP vision consider infrastructure to be a crucial factor to deepening industrialization, export diversification and achieving and maintaining a growth trajectory of 8% and above.

The crucial discussion will help us gain important insights on emerging investment opportunities,  strategies and policy measures that both Bangladesh and US governments, the private sector of both countries can pursue to unlock the potential between these two important partners.