AmCham Research – “Enhancing US FDI in Bangladesh: Opportunities and Strategies”


A Focused Group Discussion was held online about the initiative.

We, in partnership with Policy Exchange of Bangladesh have embarked upon a pursuit to perform a comprehensive identification of investment opportunities for USA in Bangladesh. The role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) remains more critical than ever as development plans in Bangladesh strongly hinges its growth prospective on possibility of rising private sector investment – both foreign and domestic.  The 8th Five Year Plan has targeted FDI to increase from 0.5 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in fiscal 2020 to 3 percent of GDP by Fiscal 2025.

Private investment from the USA holds strong potential for increment and to meet the economic goals of the country, such as creating employment opportunities for the large number of workers, increasing export income, impact on small and medium enterprises, potential for sustained growth in the medium to long term, and emerging new investment/market opportunities.

The crucial and pertinent discussion on identifying investment opportunities from USA will help us to gain crucial insights as to what measures can be taken to materialize the investment opportunities and identifying what kind of economic relationship should be fostered between the two countries to increase investment from USA to Bangladesh.